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Sand with the wood grain. Amy Then I saw I could add Dixie mud to the dips so I put that over the whole top. I’ve used Dixie Belle Chocolate under the Espresso and it looks beautiful . I have 2 coats of Clearcoat. If you are going to try a Gel stain then I would practice on a sample area. NOW can I use No Pain Gel Stain over that? My understanding of gel stain is that it's like a paint and sits on the surface of the wood, whereas a regular wood stain penetrates the wood more. help. Can i still put on NO PAIN GEL STAIN ESPRESSO, Put a coat of Dixie Belle paint over the Slick Stick and then use the No Pain Gel Stain for best results. Amy, I have a dresser top that had particle board that had swelled…. They are identifiable by their thickness, which is similar to mayonnaise. It sits down in the pores, partially filling them before the top coats are applied. I just saw where you recommended painting first and the putting on no pain gel stain. Voodoo is great for an “all over” antique look where you want larger areas to be done and the dark wax is better for antiquing corners and edges. Would I need to sand it to open up the grain? You can send pictures to my facebook page and I can better advice you is I can see exactly what you are working with. The sediment settles into the open grain creating color. With its thicker consistency, it settles more “ontop” of your surface and does not required to be absorbed into the surface. Pre-stain is a special wood conditioner product, such as: I thought it was not required on hard wood such as oak? A liquid oil stain penetrates the wood slightly, and imparts a color without forming a discernible surface film. As shown, in the photo above, on this plastic-coated surface, gel stains (left) hold a grain pattern better than thin-bodied stains (right) which spread after application.. Thank you! It also covers porous and nonporous surfaces equally, making it easier for novices to apply. Compared to paint, gel stain: Hides mistakes better. Uniform coloring: Gel stain produces a relatively uniform coloring over wood surfaces. It does stick to some and not to others. All products used in these videos are Dixie Belle Products and can be purchased here, and I do receive a thank you credit for each purchase so I want to thank you in advance for your support:  DIXIE BELLE Online Store: ******Full Video Showing Each Option with Demo:  Click Here*********. Wiping will allow you to control the evenness and depth of color being applied, as the more you wipe away, the lighter the color level of the stain. If you don't have a scrap, test it out on the back of the cabinet or inside of the front, or on the side, or wherever it won't show as the final product. I use my No Pain Gel Stain in my garage with no issues. I don't use towels due to the lint that comes off them. The gel stains give you some decent open time, and since they are the consistency of whipped cream, a little goes a long way. Zar products are made by UGL (800/845-5227). Wood grain may be visible through the stain but does not stand out in an obvious way. Can glob up in corners. The Voodoo Gel Stain can be sealed with any of the Dixie Belle clear coats, waxes, and  hemp oil.,,,, VerticalScope Inc., 111 Peter, Suite 901, Toronto, Ontario, M5V 2H1, Canada. The good news is that today, there are so many great colors to choose from when it comes to re-staining cabinets versus even five years ago. Helping You to Do It Yourself! This can be done over raw wood or chalk paint. Another reason I love General Finishes stains is they have a fantastic color selection of stains that are updated and shades that I am seeing in new homes today.via General Finishes One of the prettiest trends I have been seeing in new homes is the mix of painted cabinets and stained woo… Can I paint directly over the no pain gel stain or do I need to sand it really good or put on slick stick? To give a little background on gel stain versus regular stain, when using regular wood stain, or thin-liquid stain, it actually penetrates into the wood. On open grain wood, … Arrowhead indicates β-galactosidase. Most stain binders are made of the same resins used to make finishes. Turned out really gray so thinking about going over it with Espresso. Gel Stains set more on top of your surface, where as other types of thinner/watery consistency stains absorb into your surface (which shows the grains). Minimal mess: Gel stain is often applied with a rag (although thinner gels may be applied with a brush) and doesn’t run or splatter. Even if you are on the right track, you will still get run over if you just sit there. Unlike a regular oil stain that is thin and watery, the gel stain gives you time to work with it to get the exact finish you want before you let it dry. With this option, you have the ease of application, with the ability to customize the color or tone you want, and can seal with any of the sealers (hemp oil, clear coats, waxes). I guess this is about the only thing Joecaption and I don't agree on. This is great if you have a nice piece of wood or don’t have any wood filler in holes. Here is a video on how to use the Voodoo Gel Stains for a driftwood look: No Pain Gel Stain (Oil Based):  No Pain Gel Stain gives a more pigment coverage and is an actual “gel consistency” where as its water based counter part (the Voodoo Gel Stain is a liquid consistency and less pigmented). What do you mean by "pre-stain": A 1st coat of stain? The No Pain Gel Stain in Espresso or Walnut both would give a richer color. What you using? Come join the discussion about tools, projects, builds, styles, scales, reviews, accessories, classifieds, and more! The limit of detection for the stain-free gels is 8 to 28 ng, similar to that of silver stains (0.6 to 1.2 ng), while Coomassie R-250 stain can detect protein amounts of at least 35 to 50 ng. Your email address will not be published. Minwax 260204444 Interior Wood Gel Stain, 1/2 pint, Aged Oak. Many ask if the gels can be used on laminate or plastic non-wood surfaces. I put on 2 coats of no pain gel stain in expresso but the mud areas look very “smudgy”. Temptress (Teal), Bayou Moss (Earthy Green), White Magic, Tobacco Road (brown), Denim (blue), Up in Smoke (gray), Black Magic, Georgian Cherry, Picklin White, Weathered Gray, Colonal Black, Espresso, Walnut, Mixing Colors and Where to Find the Recipe, Fun Stuff to Do While at Home #GetCraftyWithIt. Cost of Typical Stain vs. Gel Stain Cost varies by brand, but a regular stain might cost around $8 per quart while a quart of gel stain might be $16. Is that correct? You can also use your chalk paint and water it down (50/50 mix of water to paint ratio). A normal stain is thin and runs freely. The advantage of using the Voodoo gel stain is that it dries quicker, other than that I don’t see one being more beneficial than the other. Regardless of whether you are weighing on penetrating stain VS wiping stain, both stains can be used on your wood surface. Voodoo Gel Stain comes in 7 colors :  from left to right : Temptress (Teal), Bayou Moss (Earthy Green), White Magic, Tobacco Road (brown), Denim (blue), Up in Smoke (gray), Black Magic. General Finishes Java Gel Stain. Keep in mind: no matter what stain you choose, proper wood preparation is … I don't see much advantage to using conditioner on oak. This option is a great when you need to deepening the look of a factory finish…..yes, it can be applied over a factory finish (usually requires 2 coats when covering a factory finish). Whereas with gel stain, the stain sits on top of the wood. Cabinets not wood? I'll just add, whichever stain you buy, test it out on a small scrap of the same kind of wood as the cabinet. Doesn’t run. If liquid, use part of an old t-shirt. Apparently, the wood filler mentioned above must be mixed with the stain, right (2 parts filler / 1 part stain)? You may want to apply more coats to achieve the desired color or depth of warmth for woodwork. Water Based Stain. Just think of the options:  Pink stained look over raw wood….. that would be amazing !! Terri H. With the No Pain Gel Stain in the color Espresso, your first coat will show some of the grain through it so you would want to stay with the grain. Love your video’s! It gives a nice and unique … Adding a patina look to country projects. To test, apply gel stain, let dry for 48 hours, and then try to scratch it off. Despite that thickness, gel stains dry quickly, which keeps your project moving. It can be mixed with water or DNA. Gel or liquid? The pigment lodges in the large pores of the wood, creating contrast, unlike dye colors which tend to be more uniform. When posting in forums, letting us know your location will help others give better feedback/advice/solutions to your questions. I've tried the gel stains and don't care for them. The thickness means the stain doesn't splatter or run, which keeps your work area cleaner. You don’t want to do this over a factory finish though. This makes them rather messy to apply, but gel stains solve the single biggest problem in wood finishing – blotching on pine. Hi. Required fields are marked *, Copyright © 2020 AJ's Vintage Designs I Built by Brand Mentors. Minwax is a sediment suspended in oil. I’ve noticed a lot of people online using the voodoo stain over the top and wiping off. When toning a analine dye is used. 4.4 out of 5 stars 101. There are some things to keep in mind when using an oil based gel stain: 1) it takes longer to dry so its recommended you do not apply a clear coat for 3-5 days after your last application  2) For best results, its recommended to seal with a clear coat such as Dixie Belle’s water based clear coats. When using regular stain, sometimes the wood unevenly absorbs the color and you end up with some dark splotches. You can use the No Pain Gel Stain over a factory finish without sanding down your finish to raw wood. Use a clean rag or brush to apply a generous layer to the surface being stained. For cabinets with man-made material, such as fiberglass or steel, that have a wo… Water tends to … I have an antique dressing table that has a lot of damage to the top and I had to used a lot of dixie mud to repair it. I get questions on a regular basis about how to use all the different stains (oil based, water based and stain “look-a-likes”. JavaScript is disabled. If you are wanting to hide the star pattern, you can apply additional coats (wait for each coat to dry completely before apply the next coat) to get a solid color coverage hiding the star and that way you can just apply the gel stain in long strokes the length of the table. It's more for soft woods, oak is hard and has more consistent grain. Absorbs evenly across porous and non-porous spots. Thank you. Gel stains on the other hand can be used to a-cheive a professional appearance but the cabinets should be prepped properly before applying products. I would tend to tone pine rather than stain it. Applying the stains over … You’re welcome Lynn <3 I agree, tops are sometimes the most difficult part. I did a video on this and decided to write out all the important details for you all in a blog as well. I hope this makes sense. For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding. THEN I sealed with top coat because I saw you need to do that with the mud. The gel base of this stain is not absorbent or porous, so it’s not recommended to use sealers that require to be absorbed such as hemp oils or waxes. I like the coverage of No Pain Gel Stain more, but I don’t want to use anything toxic inside the house. If you have any, sand those out. With any oil based products, it’s recommended to work in a well ventilated area or to wear a mask. The gel was imaged with a stain-free enabled imager, then stained with Coomassie (CBB R-250 and Bio-Safe G-250) stain and imaged on a densitometer. If not, you will see some color difference where the mud is (just like you see grains through stain…but you’ll see the mud areas). I know it seems odd to promote a product that costs double the price, but with typical stain you need an electric sander, sandpaper in multiple grits, and numerous hours of time. The gel stain is thick like pudding, not a liquid. Since a desk surface is more likely to be scratched than a vertical one, and this won't have a stone counter, is gel stain practical? The big problem for me is getting the stain into the tight corners. So many options to choose from, makes this product hard to beat. The No Pain Gel Stain can be applied over raw wood, chalk painted surfaces, previously stained wood, and factory finishes. You can apply this over paint,  raw wood, layer it (apply different colors of Voodoo over each other to get a driftwood look or to make a custom color), use it as a glaze substitute or water it down to make it more of a color wash. Thick consistency: The consistency varies. Thanks for this Amy. Gel stain is usually oil-based with a thick consistency and high viscosity. Gel stain vs. paint – Which is best for cabinets? Relatively goof proof, gel stains contain urethane. Although color change is its primary function, stain can also intensify or diminish the grain of the wood, depending on the type of wood and the type of stain you use. I have a question – I want to “antique” a piece I’ve painted with sawmill gravy. Even though the Gel Stain has some urethane in it, I recommend 2-3 coats of Top Coat for protection. Follow the pre-stain with another quick sanding with 220 grit to knock down any raised grain. The penetraing stain was used on some exterior doors and highlighted the natural differences in the wood pieces. This gel stain works beautifully on wood. The pre-stain also gives you a more even look with the stain. I'm a fan of gel stain, I've been able to get a nice even finish with every time. Stain Application Tips Stain the wood pores . I was interested in it because water based products are safer to be around and easier to clean up. The idea behind a gel stain is to spread it onto the wood in a thick layer for a few minutes and then wipe it off with a clean cloth. Dixie Belle carries Voodoo Gel Stain (which is water based), No Pain Gel Stain (which is oil based) or you can mix a wash using the chalk mineral paint color of your choice mixed with water for a stained look as well. A forum community dedicated to Do it yourself-ers and home improvement enthusiasts. Stain Vs Glaze? Here is a video on how to use the No Pain Gel Stain over a factory finish: Color Wash as an alternative to stain:    Don’t have stain on hand or want to make your own custom color stained look? What’s advantage of doing that vs. a brown wax? Instructions say to apply with a soft brush, let set for 5 to 15 min then remove the excess with a burlap type rag. Also, if you want to stain a dark walnut color then you would have to lay on a basecoat (oilbase ). Is very DIY friendly. All stains need open pores for adequate absorption into your wood surface. Your email address will not be published. Which stain Voodoo or No Pain should I use? make a long story short I used sea spray, then sanded it down as smooth as I could because I didn’t want a chippy look. The No Pain Gel Stain has a similar odor to other gel stains but I don’t feel its as strong as the order that you get from regular penetrating stains like Minwax. It all a matter of personal opinion and choice of application. You can select colors that accentuate the pores or colors that make the pores blend in. If gel, use the brush. After you apply the pre-stain, it does a good job of showing you any scratch marks. I will use the liquid stain (Minwax - Red mahogany 225).

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